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Teenage sensation Ru: returns with playful new single “Next Big Thing

 Ru: returns with playful new single “Next Big Thing

Richmond, Va.- Foreshadowing a bright future ahead, singer/ songwriter Ru: releases an upbeat new single that solidifies her stay in music while staking claim in her predestined success. On the bubbly ballad “Next Big Thing,” she resonates with radiance, power and poise atop cosmic and colorful mid-tempo production accented by a hypnotic background of traditional R&B/soul. In a soft, sweet soprano, she purrs with the self-assured confidence of a singer twice her age.

“Next Big Thing" is a good representation of how I am inside my head,” Ru: explains. “The song isn’t meant to be cocky. It’s more uplifting, if anything. In order for other people to see your potential, you have to believe in yourself. Anything you want to do, you have the ability to do it.”

A true testament to her own life, Ru: has been pursuing her dreams of being a professional singer since she was in elementary school. Born Taniya Cockburn and raised in the quiet Richmond, Va. suburb of Chesterfield, her life has been filled with music for as long as she can remember. Her father played in a band and was constantly making his own music on keyboards, guitars and
steel drums around the home. He bought Ru: her first guitar when she was seven years old. Two years later, she was recording in a professional studio.

Through the years, she mastered the guitar and her voice, singing in school choir and performing at local open mics at only 12 years old. She began writing music in seventh grade and released her first single “Want You Gone” in summer 2020.

Further pushing the boundaries of her music, she wrote and poured her heart into the touching testimony “Where Did My Life Go” earlier this summer. Appearing on the soundtrack of motion picture Corrupt, the song is about a woman whose husband had died.

Now on the verge of her as-yet-untitled project set to be released soon, the pop music phenomenon moves musical mountains on her latest single “Next Big Thing.” Encouraging others to believe in themselves and follow their dreams, Ru: makes music to inspire. “My lyrics come from a place of meaning,” Ru: contends. “It has a lot of meaning to it, so people can relate